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The Domain Farmers Market is a year-round market located in Austin, Texas at The Domain.

The market is open on

SATURDAYS 10:00 AM-2:00 PM.  



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Why Choose The Domain Farmers Market?

"The Domain is the most desired place in Austin to shop, dine, and work."

800 Residential Units at The Domain

"Our high-end residential community presents an ideal customer base for the Farmers Market, aligning with their preferences and lifestyle."

7 Additional Hotels in Proximity

Our Farmers Market, nestled near four onsite hotels and surrounded by seven other welcoming accommodations in the same vibrant zip code, provides an inviting experience for tourists and travelers. We take pride in being a sought-after destination, where visitors can savor the essence of Austin while enjoying the convenience of nearby lodging options.

2700 Additional Apartments Units in Walking Proximity + Several More Complexes

in Area.


In addition to our high-end residential community, our Farmers Market is conveniently located within a thriving zip code that boasts a diverse range of neighborhoods sharing similar demographics. We welcome shoppers from various areas who appreciate quality and locally sourced products, fostering a sense of community for all.

100 Upscale & Main Stream Retail Stores & Restaurants

Set amidst a backdrop of 100 upscale and mainstream retail stores and restaurants, our Farmers Market offers vendors a unique advantage. Our diverse range of nearby businesses not only attracts a constant flow of shoppers but also fosters a dynamic shopping environment. Shoppers drawn to the rich variety of offerings from these established retailers are more likely to explore and support local vendors, creating a win-win for our market participants

4 Onsite Hotels

Our Farmers Market also appeals to tourists, thanks to our convenient location near four onsite hotels. Visitors have the opportunity to experience the local culture and flavors of Austin right at their doorstep, making our market an enticing destination for both residents and tourists alike

Amazon, Facebook, HomeAway and Other Business Synergy Opportunities

Our Farmers Market, situated in proximity to industry giants such as Amazon, Facebook, HomeAway, and other prominent organizations, opens doors to exciting partnership possibilities. This strategic location not only enhances our vendor exposure but also offers opportunities for unique collaborations, cross-promotions, and mutually beneficial ventures. We welcome the chance to explore how our market can align with these industry leaders to create enriching experiences for our shoppers and vendors alike.

What Does The Domain Farmers Market Offer to You as a Vendor?

  • High-End Clientele Fitting the Ideal Demographics of a farmers market patron: The Domain is known for its upscale and affluent visitors. Vendors have the opportunity to showcase their products to a discerning and well-off customer base, potentially leading to increased sales and brand exposure.

  • Exclusive Environment: The fact that The Domain features exclusive and high-end retailers can create an ambiance of luxury and exclusivity. This can enhance the perceived value of vendors' products and attract customers seeking unique, high-quality offerings.

  • Foot Traffic: The Domain draws a significant amount of foot traffic daily, thanks to its reputation as a premier shopping and dining destination. Vendors can benefit from this steady flow of potential customers, especially on weekends and during special events.

  • Diverse Audience: The Domain's diverse tenant mix and events calendar attract a wide range of visitors, from fashion enthusiasts to foodies and families. This diversity provides vendors with exposure to a broad spectrum of potential customers.

  • Business Synergy: Being a part of The Domain offers vendors the opportunity to network and collaborate with other high-quality businesses in the area, potentially leading to partnerships, cross-promotions, and mutually beneficial relationships.

  • Marketing and Exposure: The Domain Farmers Market often promotes its events and vendors through various marketing channels, increasing the visibility of participating vendors. Additionally, vendors can leverage The Domain's established online and offline presence to reach a larger audience.

  • Comfort and Amenities: Vendors can enjoy the convenience of well-maintained facilities, ample parking, and a comfortable shopping environment, making it easier to focus on their products and customer interactions.

  • Community Engagement: The Domain Farmers Market is not just a shopping destination but a community gathering space. Vendors can engage with the local community and build lasting relationships with customers who appreciate supporting local businesses.

  • Event Opportunities: The Domain Farmers Market frequently hosts events and activities that can provide vendors with additional selling opportunities, such as themed markets, seasonal festivals, and more.

We Are Farmers, Artisans, & Vendors Too.

The Domain Farmers Market Staff

At The Domain Farmers Market, our team is more than just staff; we're vendors, farmers, and artisans too. We understand your business because we live it. Our passion for your success is rooted in our firsthand experience, both as vendors and through our extensive event planning background. We're deeply committed to supporting not only our vendors but also the broader community and businesses within The Domain. Our motto is to be your steadfast partner, dedicated to helping vendors, farmers, and artisans thrive, while also serving The Domain residents and businesses with the best farmers market experience. Together, we cultivate a vibrant and prosperous community.

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