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Lettuce Farm

Our Mission


Welcome to The Domain Farmers Market of Austin, Texas, where we are establishing a vibrant and well-organized marketplace for local farmers, skilled artisans, and specialty product makers.


Our mission is twofold: to nurture sustainable practices and to cultivate a sense of community while transforming the act of shopping locally into an engaging and enjoyable experience.

We wholeheartedly believe in the strength of communities to bolster local businesses and relish the exceptional quality of agricultural and specialty goods. Our primary objective is to ignite active community involvement, forging strong bonds between local farmers, talented artisans, and cottage food producers.


Concurrently, we are dedicated to providing these producers with opportunities to expand their marketing outreach and elevate the diversity, taste, and freshness of their offerings.

What sets us apart is our unwavering commitment to infuse fun and interactivity into the experience of shopping locally. At The Domain Farmers Market of Austin, we carefully curate exciting events that enhance your shopping adventure, creating unique moments of enjoyment as you explore your local farmers market.

Our core mission remains steadfast:

  • Ensuring access to top-quality, locally grown, and nutritious food for our community members.

  • Advocating for the economic advantages of supporting local agriculture through the purchase of locally sourced products.

  • Showcasing and championing the talents of local artisans and cottage food businesses.

  • Cultivating, nurturing, and inspiring not just Austin but our entire local community.

  • Continuously enriching the variety, flavor, and freshness of products available to our valued customers.

  • Uniting local food growers and producers, facilitating their prosperity by connecting them with local marketplaces.

  • Pioneering innovative and meaningful methods to showcase products and services that proudly bear the Texan heritage.

See Y'all Soon!


The Domain Farmers Market Family

Austin, Texas

Vegetable Farm
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